Courses & Certificates

A strong focus on education and workforce development has led to the development of a state-of-the-art training and mentorship program which leverages long-term relationships with industrial partners and community colleges for the creation and sustenance of a future-proof, agile workforce to meet the needs of manufacturing-dependent industries within Arizona and beyond.

Unique to this program are augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) tools that provide ‘hands-on’ training to students and industry professionals on the latest manufacturing equipment and characterization modules.

A 8-course certificate program, online or in-class, is under development, that will lead to a minor in Additive Manufacturing.

  • Additive manufacturing process simulation
  • Physics based modelling using Unity3D game engine
  • Evaluation of trainees based on time, accuracy, and human factors
  • Cognitive perception supported by immersive experience using VR/AR equipment
  • Visualization and haptic feedback

  • Space manufacturing and in situ resource utilization
  • Materials selection and development for AM
  • Innovations in AM technology
  • AM process monitoring, qualification, certification
  • Digital twins and machine learning for process modeling and control
  • Cyber-physical security and infrastructure;
  • AM design and systems engineering
  • 3D printing for medical implants and prosthetics